Saturday, 19 April 2008

The ferry crossing is calm and time whistles by. The crossing itself takes around two hours, which we spend in a state of grand excitement. Onboard the ship we are made to fill in forms by the police telling them where we are heading.

We disembark, and after some general oohing and ahhing, we set to, and try and corall a taxi cab into giving us a lift to the train station. The cab drivers have formed a cartel, which means they can charge exorbitant fares and refuse to barter. Still, our driver is in good spirits and soon we are on the train, heading to Fes. The train is hot and rather crowded. A little girl totters over and looks at us uncertainly. I try my usual under 5s party piece - making a popping sound with a hooked finger and the inside of my mouth. Instead of the usual look of joy and awe, she looks panicked and begins to cry. They do things differently here.

The journey passed uneventfully enough, and soon we are discharged in Fes. After some
We follow our new friends to the youth hostel in the old city, and head out for some food. Sitting under the glow of the restaurant time, with dusk falling, I tuck into a much anticipated plate of couscous and vegetables.

Back at the youth hostel, we make enquires about going to the desert, and arrange a guide for our tour of the old city tomorrow.

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